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I still can’t stop laughing about how artfully Mads Mikkelsen in a pair of swim shorts was discussed like it was a major plot point, JFC hahahahaha

I’m really starting to hate the SJ side of tumblr and I am pretty fucking SJW-y


One of the last photos of Sharon Tate, in the backyard of her home with her friend, Jay Sebring in August 1969. She, Jay, and the friend who took the photo, Wojciech “Voytek” Frykowski, were murdered on 8/9/69 in Tate’s home by the Manson family.

… a speedo seems odd for him to wear and boy shorts certainly wouldn’t do it, and he is European… so it was sort of an in between ground we found, and ultimately it was really a question of getting options and seeing which one he felt best in.

Winston, this is everybody.
Everybody, this is Winston.


Scenes from Florida State University & Florida State Prison on the day of Ted Bundy’s execution


….now a thin scream from long ago.  - Hannibal